Welcome to the web site of Karwan Lodge No 8970.

Karwan’s Worshipful Master Dave Thomson

Born and raised in a small village in the Province of Galloway, Dave comes from a family heavily involved in Freemasonry, his Father and Grandfather were both long time Mason’s and three of his younger brothers also subsequently joined the Craft.

Whilst home on leave from the Navy a special meeting was held where he was interviewed, balloted and initiated on the same day in Nov 1967 as a Lewis entrant. At his next home visit he was passed to the second degree before being drafted to join his first submarine in Singapore. Letters of introduction were provided and a connection with Lodge Ailsa 1172 SC, were made. Lodge Ailsa then raised him to the third degree and subsequently into mark masonry, all on behalf of his Mother Lodge, St Stephens 161 SC.

Time in the Navy did not allow progression to be made in his mother lodge, and it was not until he joined Karwan Lodge that he considered progressing through the offices of the lodge leading to his being installed as W.M in 2008.

After his year as Master, Dave was asked to take the office of Almoner a job he held until this year, when he handed over the reins to W.Bro Duncan Heritage, to allow him to take on the office of Master again. Dave is looking forward to his year in office, supporting and guiding the lodge, raising money for his chosen charity, and enjoying his time with the Brethren of his own lodge and other local lodges.

The Worshipful Master, Past Masters, Officers & Brethren of Karwan Lodge hope you find our site interesting and informative.

The Lodge meets at the Masonic hall in Queens Rd, Fareham on the fourth Wednesday of the month, from October through to April, (except December)

The General Purposes Committee meets on the second Wednesday in the months September through to April at 7.30 prompt.

The Social Committee meets as and when required and the dates will be published on the events page.

The Lodge is open for Candidates for Initiation and offers a warm welcome to visitors from other Lodges.

For those who wish to Learn and Develop either before joining Masonry or while being a Mason (every day is a school day) then click this link register and start to work your way through the nuggets and papers set out before you. It is by any stretch of the imagination truly interresting.

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